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We offer integrated drug discovery services and conduct preclinical research for the pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies, and academic partners. We can assist in study design and supervision of in vitro and in vivo studies to streamline the development of your molecule in molecular and cellular pharmacology, histopathology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies, generating data in a timely and cost-effective manner. Rigorous standard operating procedures are used to ensure consistency in the quality of our results.

Working with a range of cutting edge techniques and experienced partners, our services include:

  • Definition of objectives and study endpoints, working with our clients to select the most appropriate study design and screening methods for preclinical assays.
  • Choosing the optimal preclinical models,with access to a panel of more than 60 characterized human tumor cell lines to correlate cellular sensitivity to chemotherapeutic agents with cancer genotypes. We have experience with many cancer animal models using commercial or client-produced cell lines.


  • In vitro and in vivo preclinical studies conducted according to strict SOPs
    • Validation of drug proof-of-concept and efficacythrough a broad range of cutting-edge laboratory tools for molecular biology assays
    • Drug combination and synergy evaluations
    • Evaluation of primary or acquired drug resistance to determine molecular mechanisms of action and predictive factors of drug sensitivity
    • Evaluation of drug efficacy, dose and schedule optimizationin in vivo models
    • Drug PK profiling of novel leads and their metabolites,including validation of analytical determination procedures, determination of PK models and impact of co-administration
    • Evaluation and validation of predictive or pharmacodynamic biomarkers for innovative antitumor therapies
  • Ex vivo studies,including immunohistochemistry of tumor distribution and localization and angiogenic tumor markers
  • Data collection and statistical analysis
  • Report writing and preparation of peer-reviewed abstracts, posters and manuscripts.
  • Quality assurance and regulatory compliance.